Ad Breaks on Facebook


Ad Breaks on Facebook

We all know it - you're scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, you see an interesting video, you click on it and you want to watch it. But what happens? First, a short advertisement appears. Annoying or useful? It depends on who you ask.

Ad Breaks are commercial breaks. These ad breaks are short ads that you can play in videos to make money.

75 million people worldwide are active on Facebook every day and use the social network for around 20 minutes on average. Videos are the most popular and most clicked medium on the web - so why not use them to your advantage?

Which formats are supported?

Currently, the Facebook platform Facebook Watch supports in-stream and pre-roll formats, as well as image ads directly under a video. Each time an ad break is shown, the creator/rights holder/producer earns something from it.

The placement can either be done automatically by Facebook (where the best possible one is selected) - but you can also do the ad placements yourself.

Interesting fact: More than 70% of mid-roll ads are viewed to the end on Facebook.

What tools are available to create them?

The creation, management and finally the monetization is done in Facebook's own Creator Studio. Here you have the possibility, with the help of a variety of tools, to get the best out of your ad.

Recently, the so-called Brand Collabs Manager was introduced. This allows brands and creators to network with each other for sponsored partnerships.


Videos are the future of marketing and the future has long arrived. Become a part of it and use the unique possibilities of Ad Breaks on Facebook.