Affiliate marketing



Affiliate marketing represents a business relationship between publisher and company or shop (advertiser). The publisher advertises various products and in return receives a commission from the respective company. The term affiliate means partner. This type of marketing has long been established in the digital advertising landscape and has taken a firm place in the advertising industry. The remuneration models vary depending on the advertising partner and business model. The common feature of the various models, however, is remuneration in the event of success. However, success is defined differently by the advertising partners. While one advertising partner already offers a commission per click on an advertising banner, another partner only offers commission in the event of a purchase being made. More and more companies are opting for this special type of advertising as part of effective online marketing of their products. Publishers then offer suitable advertising space and additionally link to the corresponding products and shops. The commission models are determined in advance in each case. Since the amount of the commission is usually what counts in affiliate marketing, it is important to find the right advertising partner. But it is not only the amount of commission that plays an important role here. It is also important how well the selected product fits one's own advertising space. If you want to find the right advertising partner for you, you can compare different potential partners and models in advance. It should also be noted that one's own reach can be of great efficiency in order to operate affiliate marketing successfully. For the purpose of outreach, you as a publisher can also make very good use of the common social media platforms. If you build up a network, you should also always keep an eye on your target group and maintain the corresponding contacts. Accordingly, it is likely that these contacts will like the products you present.



The term advertiser stands for the advertiser in the business relationship of affiliate marketing - i.e. the partner who wants to publish his advertisement.


Publisher is the person who publishes the advertisement - i.e. a company that displays the advertisement on its platform.

You can keep the following aspects in mind:

- Find a niche
- Select an advertising channel (e-mail distribution, display advertising, social media platforms)
- Create content


Multimedia content


Advertising banners, links, e-mail templates


Compare billing models


Select advertising partners


Define target group


Increase reach if necessary (SEO)


Offer added value