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The following General Terms and Conditions describe the relationship between me 4u media GmbH (hereinafter referred to as me4u) on the platform, as a platform for advertising marketing*, and customers of me4u, as advertisers*, publishers* and authors*. Publishers provide advertising space, which can be filled with content and optimized with the help of Cashface. Advertisers can purchase advertising quotas. Authors can submit articles for publication. Me4u provides the advertising formats (AdTags)*. Publishers receive payments with different remuneration models for providing the advertising space*.

Furthermore, me4u acts as an intermediary platform between publishers and advertisers and offers the corresponding software for the acquisition of advertising quotas* for advertisers and for the integration of the AdTags in advertising spaces provided by the publishers. The advertising media* of the advertisers are not edited or otherwise influenced in any way without consultation and are integrated into the advertising spaces of publishers as desired in specified advertising formats. me4u ensures that any technical attempts at fraud by advertisers and publishers are prevented to the best of its knowledge. Furthermore, me4u handles the receipt of advertiser and publisher payments, as well as publisher and author payouts. The difference between the publisher payment and the advertiser payment remains with me4u. In addition, extensive statistical evaluations are provided for advertisers and publishers.



*Platform for advertising marketing

The combination of the two ways to buy and sell ad space on publishers.


Publishers provide me4u with various types of advertising space for the marketing of advertiser advertising quotas by integrating different advertising formats (AdTags in the form of advertising links) in the advertising space.

Furthermore, publishers at can have their advertising space automatically filled with content for a fee, post and manage articles, and use Cashface's integrated slogan generator.


Advertisers can purchase advertising quotas, create campaigns and display freely designable advertising media in various advertising formats provided (links, images, videos) on predefinable advertising spaces for a fee.

The fees depend on the type of campaign and the current price list of me4u.


Authors can write and send in contributions in the form of videos, pictures or sayings on various me4u websites, which will be released after being checked by me4u.

Authors will be remunerated according to the respective valid remuneration level for clicks on their submitted contributions.

*advertising spaces

Are fixed or general positionings provided by publishers for advertising media on the corresponding advertising spaces.

*advertising allotment

Is a freely definable or predefined number of advertising material deliveries or advertising material click activities to or by advertising space visitors. Publishers are paid according to the campaign advertised by the advertiser (lead, click or individual agreement).

*advertising material

Advertising content created by advertisers, which is displayed in the advertising spaces of publishers through AdTags of me4u.

*Ad format / AdTags

me4u offers various forms of possible marketing/advertising activities for publishers and advertisers. For this purpose, it provides so-called AdTags in the form of advertising links, which are integrated by the publisher in his advertising space manually or via All activities of the advertising space visitors are logged in real time via these advertising links. The statistics are made available free of charge to advertisers, publishers and authors in the corresponding account on

1 Scope of application

§1.1 me4u's software enables participating publishers to provide advertising space by integrating AdTags, which can be purchased by advertisers with advertising material in various advertising formats.

Furthermore, publishers can use the software for a fee to operate and manage their advertising space.

§1.2 With the registration at Cashface, these General Terms and Conditions are accepted as subject matter of the contract.

2 Publisher and Authoring Program

§2.1 me4u provides the publisher with the platform for the administration of its advertising space for a fee in accordance with the currently valid price list and for the generation of advertising formats in the form of AdTags for integration into advertising space. For the display and/or other activities on Advertiser Advertising Media, the Publisher as well as the Author receive predefined remuneration from me4u.

§2.2 me4u provides the publisher with detailed statistics on current and past compensation in the member area. In order to use Cashface, an account is required. This account is provided by me4u to the Publisher after registration by entering a user name and password combination defined by the Publisher.
It is only allowed to register and use ONE Cashface account per company/person/publisher.
Furthermore, the participants of the partner program are obliged to provide truthful information about their person/company in their profile as well as to provide only person/company related payout data, to refer only on their own account as well as to treat all login/account data to Cashface strictly confidential.
In case of justified doubts about the identity of the publisher, me4u is entitled, at its own discretion, to request proof of identity from the publisher, which is customary in the countries of the EU, or to carry out a so-called Post-Ident procedure.
If the publisher does not comply with this request, me4u reserves the right to cancel all credits and to delete the associated Cashface account.
Multiple registrations as well as the provision of false user data are strictly prohibited and can lead to the cancellation of all credits of all connected Cashface accounts and to the exclusion of the partner program of me4u without further notice in case of disregard.

§2.3 Terms of contract / rules for publishers and authors

§2.3.1 me4u is entitled to exclude unsuitable or inappropriate advertising space from the program without giving reasons and to deactivate advertising space and accounts in the event of violations of the following partner program rules. In this case, any claims for payment already made to me4u will be forfeited.

2.3.2 Provided AdTags can be placed anywhere on the advertising spaces. However, the corresponding individual advertiser guidelines must be observed.

Provided AdTags may not be changed without agreement and must be integrated unchanged into the advertising spaces.

§2.3.3 It is not permitted to include AdTags from different publisher accounts on the same advertising space at the same time.

§2.3.4 me4u ensures that the technical delivery of the desired advertising formats takes place according to the specified properties. me4u does not guarantee that the delivered advertising form cannot be removed by third parties (e.g. by other advertising space administrators) or that the advertising form can be called up continuously.

§2.3.5 In the case of untraceable and allegedly inadmissibly generated advertisements or contracts, me4u reserves the right to cancel payments.

§2.3.6 In the event of serious violations of the above terms and conditions, which financially harm either me4u or participating advertisers, the publisher is obligated to compensate for damages, liability or other claims against the advertiser and / or me4u. me4u reserves the right to take legal action against participants.

§2.3.7 When using the Cashface autoposter and/or the spell generator, the publisher ensures that all contributions, images, videos and other publications are his intellectual property, were created according to the rules of German copyright law and exempts me4u from all claims of third parties without exception.

The use of the Facebook Autoposter is in principle free of charge. However, if the publisher uses the Cashface autoposter to advertise third-party campaigns/partner programs that are not available in Cashface, a fee of €0.20 will be charged per published post.

Publishers indemnify me4u against all claims for damages, liability and other claims which arise for me4u due to the fact that the contributions published by the publisher violate competition rights, industrial property rights of third parties or other laws and regulations.

§2.3.8 Likewise, the Publisher indemnifies me4u from all claims for damages, liability and other claims, which the Publisher may incur due to possible restrictions or blocking of his Facebook pages or his Facebook account by Facebook or other instances, which are caused due to contributions of all kinds (advertising campaigns, collective contributions, own contributions, etc.), which are delivered by Cashface.

§2.3.9 If the publisher applies to have his own contributions included in the collective pool, the publisher ensures that all contributions, images, videos and other publications are his intellectual property, were created according to the rules of German copyright law and releases me4u from all claims of third parties without exception.

§2.3.10 The Publisher undertakes to study and accept the respective campaign rules before publishing advertising contributions and to act only in compliance with the campaign rules. The campaign rules can be viewed in the backend under advertising campaigns. Some campaigns explicitly allow text and/or images to be changed according to their meaning. Meaningful means that every user must recognize what is being advertised and where the user will be directed after clicking on the advertising link. The advertising message must not be distorted. Whether changed texts and/or images are meaningful is ultimately decided by the respective advertiser and me4u. At the request of the respective advertiser or me4u, any advertising material must be removed from the advertising space immediately.

§2.3.11 The Publisher agrees to publish a maximum of three advertising posts per day per Facebook page and a maximum of 24 posts in total. This regulation only applies to posts that are published by or with the help of Cashface.

§2.3.12 If the Publisher creates "Fun Posts" within the scope of the Author Program, the Publisher shall ensure that all media, images, videos and other publications are its intellectual property, were created in accordance with the rules of German copyright law, and shall indemnify me4u against all third-party claims without exception.

§2.4 Terms of contract/ Partner program

The publisher has the possibility to earn separate partner commissions on recruited, new Cashface users via the "Recruit Partner" function. The current commission rates can be viewed at any time under conditions.

The claim for affiliate commissions only arises in the case that the referred user is a real person/company and the new user has not been registered at Cashface in the past.

The entitlement to affiliate commissions exists as long as the advertiser has an account on Cashface. In case of deletion of the advertiser's account, all claims to affiliate commissions expire irrevocably.

Furthermore, the affiliate commissions only apply to new sources (advertising URLs) (not previously used in Cashface) that are not directly related to the advertiser. If sources are used that were previously used by the advertiser to generate revenue, the advertiser is not entitled to the partner commission generated by this.

If the percentage of the partner commission of a user is more than 50% of the total revenue of the user, this must be declared to me4u and approved by me4u. Otherwise me4u reserves the right to cancel the partner commission in such a way that it only amounts to 50% of the total revenue.

Self/self-promotion is strictly prohibited and may lead to exclusion from the me4u partner program.

3 Advertiser program

§3.1 me4u provides the advertiser with the platform for placing various advertising campaigns on advertising spaces with different advertising formats. For the display and/or other activities/campaigns on predefinable advertising spaces, the advertiser pays fees set by me4u in advance.

The advertiser ensures that his advertising account always has a sufficient amount to cover all publisher claims. In the event of a shortfall in the respective advertiser account, me4u reserves the right to stop campaigns until the account is balanced.

In the event of the campaign being stopped, it is possible that further costs will be incurred by the advertiser as a result of advertising contributions that have already been published. me4u has no influence on the deletion of these contributions.

The advertiser undertakes to settle all claims of me4u that arise after the stop due to already published advertising contributions of the corresponding advertising campaign as well as all minus balances of his account upon request within a period of one week to me4u.

§3.2 me4u provides detailed statistics on current and past advertising campaigns in the member area, which can be accessed after registration by entering a user name and password combination defined by the user.

§3.3 me4u reserves the right to reject legally questionable, offensive, inappropriate or, at me4u's own discretion, unjustifiable advertising campaigns or individual advertising media. Resulting unused campaign budgets will be refunded.

§3.4 Advertising campaigns / advertising media, may not be changed in the type of presentation after initial review. The advertiser is obligated to compensate me4u or participating publishers for any damages, liability or other claims that may be caused.

§3.5 The Advertiser indemnifies me4u and participating Publishers from all claims for damages, liability and other claims that may arise for me4u and/or participating Publishers due to the fact that the advertising media/advertising campaigns used by the Advertiser violate competition rights, industrial property rights of third parties or other laws and regulations.

4 Billing basics

§4.1 For each valid advertising activity (defined according to the campaign), the publisher account and/or author account will be credited with an amount defined by me4u.

§4.2 Own clicks/generated sales or sign-ups in non-RPM-based advertising formats are not permitted. In the case of RPM-based advertising formats, these are only tolerated for test purposes. If manipulations of any kind are detected, all commission claims against me4u will be forfeited. Furthermore, all accounts will be blocked after the discovery of fraud attempts. In such cases me4u reserves the right to take criminal action against publishers and/or authors.

§4.3 The remunerations stated on the website of me4u at describe the current standard remunerations. Individual and global remuneration changes are possible at any time. Publishers and authors have access to current remuneration and definitions of valid advertising media activities at all times.

§4.4 Open credit amounts are regularly confirmed by me4u and processed according to the following scales:
- From at least 20.00 € confirmed credit, a payout can be requested, which is then made after a maximum of 10 business days (Monday - Friday) on the desired payment method (bank account in Germany, international bank account, PayPal).
- Furthermore, the following processing times apply, with the corresponding payout amount:
- Between € 2,500.00 and € 4,999.99, the processing time is 15 business days (Monday - Friday)

- Between 5.000,00 € and 7.499,99 € the processing time is 20 working days (Monday - Friday).
- Between 7.500,00 € and 9.999,99 € the processing time is 25 working days (Monday - Friday).
- Between 10.000,00 € and 12.499,99 € the processing time is 30 working days (Monday - Friday).
- Between 12.500,00 € and 14.499,99 € the processing time is 35 working days (Monday - Friday).
- Between 15.000,00 € and 17.499,99 € the processing time is 40 working days (Monday - Friday).
- Between 17.500,00 € and 19.999,99 € the processing time is 45 working days (Monday - Friday).
- From 20.000,00 € the processing time is 50 working days (Monday - Friday).
In the course of the payout, me4u provides a settlement overview or credit notes for amounts paid out.
Only one payout is possible at a time.
In order to qualify for payouts of any amount, me4u reserves the right to request various proofs of identity. These are for example: identity card, passport, proof of residence, selfie, etc.
If the requested documents are not submitted within 10 business days (Monday-Friday), me4u reserves the right to cancel all open credits.
Any costs arising from transfers made will be borne by the publisher or author.

§4.5 Publishers and authors of me4u are entitled to remuneration in accordance with the remuneration and advertising activity definitions specified in the member area.

5 Accessibility of the platform

§5.1 me4u commits itself to exhaust all possibilities for the permanent provision of the platform. In the event of a system failure due to unforeseeable events, the fault of third parties or maintenance-related interruptions, no claims for compensation will be made against me4u.

§5.2 me4u provides each participant with specific customer support for technical and account problems. This takes place via various, proven offline and online communication media on regular working days (Monday - Friday) from 10:00 - 16:00.

6 Term/Cancellation

§6.1 The present contractual agreements are valid after the registration of a Cashface account.

6.2 The contractual relationship may be terminated at any time by either party verbally or in writing. Termination shall take effect at 0:00 hours on the day following the day of termination.

§6.3 After termination, the Publisher is obliged to remove all AdTags of created advertising spaces provided and used by Cashface from the connected advertising spaces.

§6.4 From the effectiveness of the termination, there is no claim to subsequently generated remuneration to me4u.

7 Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

7.1 me4u reserves the right to change these GTC at any time. The contractual partners will be informed of changes to the GTC at the next login to the Cashface backend. Failure to object to changes made shall be deemed as a declaration of consent to the changed conditions. If a contracting party does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, it has the possibility to terminate the contract with immediate effect in writing and to have the Cashface account deleted.

7.2. regulations and agreements deviating from these general terms and conditions are only recognised if they have been confirmed in writing by an authorised representative of me4u.

8 Data protection and confidentiality

me4u undertakes to comply with all provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) of the Telemedia Act (TMG) and any future data protection laws or regulations. More at: Data Protection. In particular:

§8.1: The chosen username may be visible to other users. For example, by recruiting additional partners, by forum entries, by submitting collective contributions, if several fansite operators manage a joint fansite, etc.

§8.2: The previously earned revenue of a referred user will be visible to the advertiser within the "Refer a Partner" program.

9 General

§9.1 Eligible to participate are natural persons and/or legal entities with full legal capacity and/or persons who have reached the age of 18.

§9.2 German law shall apply. The place of jurisdiction in relation to merchants is Berlin / Charlottenburg.

10 Severability clause

If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid under the laws of Germany, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. After the invalidity becomes known, these General Terms and Conditions will be updated accordingly.

Berlin, 25 Sept. 2019

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