Why is affiliate marketing so popular


cashface affiliate marketing

Often you hear in the marketing industry that affiliate marketing is dead. The quality leaves much to be desired and the publishers are only cheated. But this is not true.

Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly popular despite social media advertising.

With predictable numbers and better tracking, both publishers and advertisers are building on the marketing power of affiliate marketing.


If you want to reach potential customers without a large investment , you should rely on affiliate marketing.

Due to performance-oriented advertising, affiliate marketing is particularly popular with advertisers who have the opportunity to promote their campaigns with little risk.

Through affiliate systems like Cashface, advertisers have the opportunity to access a large number of publishers directly. As an advertiser, I don't have to search for publishers and discuss the campaigns with each of them individually, but can handle everything collectively via one portal.

Even in the era of social media advertising or low-cost display reach, affiliate marketing should not be missing from the marketing mix of advertisers. Affiliate marketing also contributes indirectly very strongly to brand and product perception. Through many different publishers, advertisers can show presence on a wide area and through different channels.


Promoting affiliate campaigns is usually subject to very few rules and the campaigns are available without much restriction .

This makes it very easy for publishers to promote these campaigns. Especially in online marketing, speed is everything - publishers who want to promote products and services without much effort also know this.

Almost anyone can use and implement affiliate marketing. The integration of banners and links does not require deep technical knowledge. This means that for many publishers the entry into the world of affiliate marketing is very easy.

Affiliate marketing is also so popular with publishers because "publishers with small reach" can also promote campaigns. Through affiliate systems like Cashface, publishers - regardless of their reach - can promote advertisers' products. In this way, even publishers with a reach of 1000 users can exploit their marketing potential.

"There's life in the old dog yet", as the saying goes. Affiliate marketing has often been written off, but it always manages a revival. Because affiliate marketing has two characteristics that make it indispensable for advertisers and publishers: The ability to plan and the ease of implementation.

Currently, affiliate marketing is also benefiting from high advertising costs in the display, search and social media sectors. And as long as these costs remain so high, affiliate marketing will also become increasingly popular.